Jarret Middleton’s Advance Praise for Lance Olsen’s SKIN ELEGIES!

Check out Jarret Middleton’s advance praise for Lance Olsen’s Skin Elegies (Dzanc Books)!

“Lance Olsen’s literary experiments are a constant source of wonder. He has the rare ability to reinvent not only himself but the text on the page. His innovative, interrogative prose feels uniquely suited for the crisis of our time. Told through the metaphor of a mind upload technology that is almost certainly in our future, Skin Elegies simultaneously sets nine stories spiraling into each other, becoming the other, collapsing under their own weight and re-emerging as something new. Held together as much by the couple in the supercomputer and the nine other narrators as by the reader herself, Olsen boldly challenges us to recognize that our ability to create meaning in the present might just be what saves us.”

—Jarret Middleton, author of Darkansas

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