Here’s an excerpt from the review, which appears in Kirkus Reviews‘ latest print edition (May 1st, 2014):

A fast-moving fusion of microfiction and free verse that peers into the places where people keep things most deeply hidden.


Whether photographers, tourists or children, Vaughan’s narrators approach their own circumstances and feelings with a scientific attention to detail, slicing each specimen down to the thinnest membrane before studying it with a thorough, distanced objectivity, always seeking some answer and often finding something festering. What they discover is that the most powerful addictions have little to do with substances and everything to do with patterns of behavior and belief.  […] The scientific examining persists; there is little judgment, little compassion, only observation. […] These attempts to examine the human animal prove to be the collection’s strength, draining though they can be. In his dissections, Vaughan uncovers an astonishing resilience, but it is often wounded and ugly. The few emotionally charged exceptions, such as “On the Wings of a Dove,” are welcome relief.

A fascinating study of human attachment and loss.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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