Paul Di Filippo’s Advance Praise for Lance Olsen’s SKIN ELEGIES!

Check out Paul Di Filippo’s advance praise for Lance Olsen’s Skin Elegies (Dzanc Books, November 2021)!:

“Not since the revolutionary novels of Rudy Wurlitzer in the 1960s and 1970s have I encountered such a stunningly ambitious and astonishing narrative bricolage as Lance Olsen’s Skin Elegies. This meaty metanovel takes an esthetically and judiciously selected handful of our most vital history from 1945 to a prescient 2072, atomizes and digitizes it, then hits the SHUFFLE button before replaying the events through a set of hallucinogenic filters that Instagram would kill for. The effect is like riding a rollercoaster through a set of stargates, looping in an out of a multiverse composed of unforgettable characters and scintillant prose-poems. As fresh as the unfolding new decade, yet as eternal as the oneiric oracles of Tiresias, this book rebuilds our shared past and channels our mutual futures.”

—Paul Di Filippo, author of Ribofunk, Cosmocopia, The Mezcal Crack-up, and others

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