FANZINE Reviews Lynn Crawford’s SHANKUS & KITTO: A SAGA

Check out Eugene Lim’s review of Lynn Crawford’s Shankus & Kitto: A Saga at Fanzine!

An excerpt:

Lynn Crawford’s new novel is an inside-out family epic where, instead of the usual sweep of generational time, we are given a perspective that allows us to see familial heartbreaks as a telescoping and ever repeating fractal…Crawford is an accurate, sometimes mordant, more often earnest, observer of a new normal…Crawford’s voices capture a particular type of everyday speech. William Carlos Williams, arguing for an American (immigrant) context said that his work derived from “the mouths of Polish mothers.” By writing in a poetry of vernacular, Lynn Crawford has similarly and bravely gone against the grain and in doing so has slyly re-constructed the family epic.

Read the rest HERE.

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