Check out Peter Markus’s interview with Pamela Ryder at The Brooklyn Rail!

An excerpt:

So to begin with, “What keeps me writing?” It’s the singleness of it—the separateness of writing—that is a reflection of how I see myself in the world: somehow not fitting in very well, and now, finally, getting older, not wishing it were any other way. Writing is a solitary business, as is all of this life—of this everything, and in the end, no matter what comfort one attempts to cultivate to convince ourselves that we are loved, or that we will never be abandoned, or that we will be remembered—it is all rubbish, you see. Standing alone: that is what remains. Separateness is what endures. That being said, writing is a form of preparation for me—a humbling practice for that final aloneness. A trial of sorts, for what is coming: a journey unaccompanied, unattended. Traveling light.

Read the rest of the interview HERE.

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