An excerpt from Emily Choate’s review:

Housebound’s great charm lies in its details rather than its characterizations. Gentry spins a playful, sometimes wicked world populated by oddly shaped houses set deep in the woods, long-lost family members with intriguing histories, animals with their own agendas, and the forbidden fruit of sugary confections. Throughout the book, Gentry builds intrigue and tension from these well-placed items of fairy-tale business.

The experimentalism of “Housebound” brings to mind the elaborate, risk-taking designs that often appear on high-fashion runways. These bold creations may remain primarily on the runway, their skill and vision admired most by those within the trade, but elements of their adventurous spirit eventually resonate all the way down to fashions on the street, making the larger world more vibrant and varied. With its commitment to high-wire form, “Housebound” possesses that adventurous resonating spirit.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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