An excerpt from Thomas Michael Duncan’s review:

Each passage carries an air of mystery, the sense that a groundbreaking revelation waits in the next page. And perhaps this is exactly how it feels to be a sheltered child venturing bravely into new territory. After all, there is much for Maggie to discover—about the world outside her home, and about the secrets kept inside it.  But Gentry chooses not to dole out information in bundles, rather slowly, piecemeal, from different characters with different angles, making the story multidimensional.

The easy takeaway from this novel is that overprotective parenting is a foolish endeavor with impossible expectations. The hard truths of the world cannot be held beneath the surface. Trouble finds a way in. Yet the story stops short of condemning this style of parenting. “Your parents had their own ideas about how to raise you,” Maggie’s grandmother says, “as all parents do.” On the cusp of adulthood, Maggie is a free-thinking young woman, ready to strike out on her own. Far from the most tragic of outcomes.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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