HEAVY FEATHER REVIEW Interviews Elisabeth Sheffield About IRE LAND (A FAERY TALE)!

Check out Marcus Pactor’s interview with Elisabeth Sheffield about Ire Land (A Faery Tale)!

Here’s an excerpt:

“I think these forms of distancing are intrinsic to the kinds of voices I create—voices that both reveal and conceal, that both seem to proclaim ‘I’m telling you everything,’ and at the same time hide their fear of open borders and breached boundaries. But I’m also interested in these distancing elements as plot devices and sources of tension. I’m partial to unreliable and/or biased narrators, and do find pleasure both as a reader and a writer, in the tease. Of course the withholding that unreliable narrators do is just another form of what all story telling does, to keep the reader wanting to see what cannot yet be seen. Roland Barthes, I think, says something somewhere about how narrative is a kind of burlesque—a veiling and unveiling and veiling again. I consider the commentary in my novels as well as other elements that obscure ‘the real story’ […] as part of the plot structure. Who wants to watch a strip show where the dancers simply walk out naked?”

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