New Testimonial!

Thanks for this testimonial, Pamela Ryder!

“What luck to have John Madera as publicist. Not only does he know his way around media and publicity, but he is thoroughly involved in the literary scene. For an author, like me, who was published by a small, independent press, it was crucial that I enlist someone to spread the word about Paradise Field, and John did just that. He has been all that I have hoped for in a publicist, and so much more: unstinting in his efforts, enthusiastic, accessible—and that rare combination of diligence, practicality, and fun. Publicist, yes…but John has also become a trusted friend, and one I will turn to in the future for both his professionalism and perseverance.”

—Pamela Ryder, author of Correction of Drift (FC2), A Tendency to Be Gone (Dzanc Books), and Paradise Field (FC2)

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