Testimonial from Margo Berdeshevsky

“John Madera is a caring and careful lover of literature, astute reader, and publicist, and I feel lucky to have found him to join my hopes to his knowledge in getting the word out in the best of ways. These are times when a small press book needs all the TLC it can have, and he has shown that in all ways. These are times when a book is itself, and also a prayer for a home and a person to open the door. ‘Care’ is not just a noun, it is also, like ‘love,’ a verb. An action. From his first written  response to my book Before the Drought (which I thought to be a writer’s dream review) to his many innovative ideas for how to attract readers, John has helped launch Before the Drought onto the literary landscape. As he is wont to say to the waiting writer, “Excelsior!” Mega thank you, John Madera.
—Margo Berdeshevsky, poet, collagist, author of Before the Drought (Glass Lyre Press,) Beautiful Soon Enough (FC2), Between Soul & Stone, and But a Passage in Wilderness (Sheep Meadow Press)

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