Will Alexander’s Advance Praise for BEFORE THE DROUGHT

Will Alexander is one of our great poets, and among my favorite writers, so I’m very happy he’s offered the following advance praise for Margo Berdeshevsky‘s forthcoming BEFORE THE DROUGHT (Glass Lyre Press):
“Margo Berdeshevsky’s Before the Drought issues from hermetically concealed ether, evolving into view as elliptically kindled ballet, as beatific trance. The poems exist as prescient pre-destined sermons speaking inside themselves via inter-active marrow, via en-livened speculation. All the while they sustain themselves by means of arcane classical moisture etched with hints of erotic juniper not unlike the textured “skin” of ashen “silk.” Thus, the writing in this collection spontaneously forms into a verbal tapestry of incremental brilliance.”

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