Rain Taxi Reviews Angela Woodward’s NATURAL WONDERS

Check out Natanya Ann Pulley‘s Rain Taxi review of Angela Woodward‘s Natural Wonders (FC2)! An excerpt:
“There are no pretentious jabs at academia here, but a flickering hope for holistic knowledge—a personal, existential, warming, and natural knowledge—folded into a playful sendup of academic research and theories. Most importantly, though it has a satirical edge, there’s a heart to the story of Jenny and Jonathan. Exploring everything from the crackling of the earth’s surface and glacial fields to stories of explorers and scientists to tales of murder and sex to the slight and sad gestures of Jenny and Jonathan’s existence, Natural Wonders is a wide-ranging meditative book that is by turns delightful, clever, and heartbreaking.”
Pick up a copy of the issue in which the review appears HERE.

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