New Testimonial!

“I highly recommend John Madera, who did excellent publicity for my novel Natural Wonders. He used his depth of contacts and knowledge to work hard for me as soon as the contract was signed. Our agreement was that most of his work would center on the three months leading up to the book’s release, and the three months after. However, he started work almost nine months in advance of the book’s release. He solicited blurbs for me, he looked over the publicity agreement with my press, he edited copy for me, he liaised with the editors, designers and marketers at the press, and gave me advice and feedback on the difficult cover process. He managed publicity for the release and subsequent readings, coordinating with people at bookstores and at the press, and posting on social media.
John’s work on Natural Wonders resulted in three stellar blurbs, four reviews, a long interview, ‘Research Notes,’Book Notes,’ and publicity for a series of readings. He was devoted to my book, and delivered much more than I could have hoped for. I’ve been extremely happy with my decision to hire him.”

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