LARGEHEARTED BOY Published Angela Woodward’s “Book Notes” for NATURAL WONDERS

An excerpt:

Natural Wonders concerns geologic time: the ice ages, the movements of the earth’s crust, the formation of volcanoes, the interpretation of fossils. Set against a brief marriage in which passion flared and waned, the novel interrogates our belief in certainty against our unequivocal knowledge that everything changes. Music, especially pop music, is tightly tied to time. The music of your 17th year remains the music of that period in our culture and music scene, and of the person you were then. The song you listened to the last night you were with your lover before he told you he’d been cheating on you is forever after unbearable because it’s implicated in that moment when you were a fool and still happy. These songs have nothing to do with what happened to you then or ever, but you experience them as having everything to do with who you were.

Read the rest HERE.


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