Amber Sparks’s Advance Praise for Angela Woodward’s NATURAL WONDERS

“Jenny, new widow and sometime protagonist of this extraordinary novel, collects her late husband’s lectures on prehistory for publication. She admits that ‘Jonathan and I hadn’t had much history, just a quick, impulsive marriage, and a journey into geologic time would not make up for it.’ Still, she’s determined to try, through the course of this planetary (and inter) exploration of the course of a marriage and a life, reflected through the earth’s own complex, violent, and beautiful history. Woodward has a way with the intentional meander, the stories that blossom into stories, that morph and shift and come together like the earth’s crust itself. This is a wonderful book.”

Amber Sparks, author of The Unfinished World and Other Stories

Thanks, Amber Sparks!

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