Here’s an excerpt from “The Uncomfortably Ugly, the Stupidly Human, and the Beauty of the Mundane,” Troy James Weaver’s review:

Definitely a minimalist, Vaughan at his best occupies a space all his own. His prose is far too poetic to place him in the Carver school of minimalism, and his poems far too prose-ish to land him in a place next to Pound or Stanford or Plath or Whitman, though there is something of all of them in every word spilled blood-like-on-graphing-paper into this book. A steady feeling grew and intensified in me while reading Addicts & Basements. That feeling, rare as it is, was the feeling in which Vaughn has no contemporaries—comparisons be damned. This is the type of book you have to fall into, face-first, find a comfy place to fold your brain into, then make that space your own thing, just like the taut magic Vaughan conjures and puts to the page.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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