RAIN TAXI Reviews Lance Olsen’s [[ THERE. ]]

Here’s an excerpt from Renée E. D’Aoust’s review:

Olsen’s writing reveals the undercurrent of connectivity between the way your body inhabits a text and the way your mind reads it.  Reading [[ there. ]] is like performing in a Wim Wenders film, reflecting on a philosophical treatise while rejecting all philosophy, being willingly displaced to another narrative (or continent) over and over and over, and reading a travel journal from home while flying in outer space—all at once, all together.


[[ there. ]] exists in an avant-garde space of physical thereness where the fullness of being human can be realized in the moment of reading, of creating meaning between author and reader.

Pick up a copy of the latest issue of Rain Taxi, where this review appears, HERE.



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