Here’s an excerpt from Gabino Iglesias’s review:

Primordial is fast, sharp, and weird, and that combination is what Wilson consistently delivers like no other author out there. More than a funny critique of university life and the politics involved in every aspect of it, this short novel dismantles higher education, places each element under a microscope, and then makes fun of it all in a way that each humorous jab is balanced by a vicious and devastatingly accurate blow. Wilson has been through the process and now is part of it as a professor, so his knowledge, as well as his disillusionment, shines through.


D. Harlan Wilson is one of those rare voices in contemporary fiction that deserves to be called incomparable. He understands strange, intelligent fiction and stands in the middle of it, pushing out in all directions like a rhizomatic monster that demands new space. Primordial cuts down to the marrow of academia and then plays around with its blood, and has harrowing as that sounds, reading about it is as compelling, and enlightening, as any graduate course out there.

Read the rest of the review HERE.

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