Rhizomatic’s Newest Client: Anti-Oedipus Press

Happy to announce that we’ll be publicizing two books from Anti-Oedipus Press: Primordial: An Abstraction (September 2014), by D. Harlan Wilson; and a fictional biography of Mina Loy, by Hope Jennings. More about the press and Primordial: An Abstraction, below:

Anti-Oedipus Press publishes “anti-oedipal fiction, nonfiction, antifiction, outrefiction, cryofiction and superzerofiction. We are the enemies of tree-logic. We are the nth degree of meaning. We are desert travelers, lunatic runners and nomads of the steppes.”

In Primordial: An Abstraction, a nameless professor’s methods of teaching and scholarship become toxic; he is sent back to college to redo his Ph.D. and redeem his authority. This is only the beginning of terror. Life at the university isn’t what it used to be. Confronted by absurdity, redundancy, and pornography at every turn, the professor must struggle to follow the rules and be a good student even as he terrorizes the roommates, faculty, staff and administrators that threaten to undermine his rancorous will to power. Narrated in D. Harlan Wilson’s token “Hörnblower prose.”

Primordial is an exercise in contemporary idiocy that rakes academia over the coals while plumbing the uncanny obscurities of existence and identity.

Praise for Primordial and D. Harlan Wilson

D. Harlan Wilson has never been anywhere but the cutting edge of experimental fiction.” —Book Riot

“Primordial is the terse, angular coup de grace that The Campus Novel has been pleading for: a hilarious gonzo screed against the mediocre effacements of academia, a Monty Python riot broken by violent outbursts of common sense.” —James Reich, author of Bombshell and I, Judas

“Provocative entertainment.”—Booklist

“A bludgeoning celluloid rush of language and ideas served from an action-painter’s bucket of fluorescent spatter.” —Alan Moore, author of Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, and Lost Girls

“Pomo cybertheory never tasted so good!”—American Book Review

”Lavie Tidhar, author of Osama and The Violent Century

“If reality is a crutch, Wilson has thrown it away.”—Rain Taxi

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