SLUG MAGAZINE Reviews Lance Olsen’s THEORIES OF FORGETTING and [[ there. ]]

Here’s an excerpt from Christian Schultz’s reviews:

Theories of Forgetting…is a textual embodiment of Robert Smithson’s land artwork Spiral Jetty and its intrinsic entropology, which here, amounts to wearing down and decay at sites of language—narrative, character, sentence, word, letter—and the blank spaces in between that give them meaning…This isn’t an S.O.S. (same old story): It’s a gorgeous wind-up into intricate spirals of human lives that we lead and the loss that we’ll inevitably face.
[[ there. ]] is a casual and sharp text about the confluence of travel, curiosity and innovative writing practices, or what it means to be alive here, now. From film and philosophy to avant-garde music, art and hypermedia, to personal reminiscence of world travels and life in the restlessness of Berlin, Olsen makes the slurry of flash narratives and observations compelling. Whether you read [[ there. ]] chronologically or bounce around the book among its clusters, you’ll find a hypertext’s rhythm, a Wiki-wormhole of cultural knowledge, a poet’s narrative slant-rhyme and wonderful human-being-ness all in a beautiful whirl from one of innovative writing’s greatest minds.
Read the rest of the review HERE.

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