Rhizomatic’s Newest Client: Gary Amdahl

Excited to announce Rhizomatic’s newest client: Gary Amdahl. We’ll be promoting two books: Across My Big Brass Bed and The Daredevils (2015), published or forthcoming, respectively, by Artistically Declined Press.

Gary Amdahl was born in Jackson, Minnesota in 1956. He was raised in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, spent several years in upstate New York and Connecticut, with a brief turn in Raleigh, North Carolina, and now lives in Redlands, California.

His plays, produced in the Twin Cities in the 1980s on professional stages with Equity actors, include “Going Down,” “Fall Down Go Boom,” “Dead Hand,” “Tonight’s the Night,” “Muzzle Flash,” “The Border,” “Hawaii,” “Getting the Hell Out of Dodge,” and “Night, Mystery, Secresie, and Sleep.” He was awarded two Jerome Fellowships at the Playwright’s Lab in Minneapolis, and was a participant in Midwest Playlabs.

His stories, essays, poetry (original, translated, and set to music), book and theater reviews, and literary features articles and interviews have appeared in Agni, A Public Space, the Massachusetts Review, the Gettysburg Review, Fiction, the Quarterly, Santa Monica Review, Third Bed, Minnetonka Review, New York Times Book Review, the Nation, the Washington Post, Boston Globe, the Hungry Mind Review, and many other monthlies, weeklies, and dailies. He was awarded a Pushcart Prize and appeared in the PP anthology.

His books are: Across My Big Brass Bed (2014, Artistically Declined Press), The Intimidator Still Lives in Our Hearts (2013, Artistically Declined Press), I Am Death (2008, Milkweed Editions), Visigoth (2006, Milkweed Editions, winner of ME National Fiction Prize), and, with Leslie Brody, A Motel of the Mind (2001, Philos Press).

With Intimidator, Artistically Declined Press has begun the Amdahl Library Project, which will see six more books published, one each January until 2019. The Amdahl Library Project will see these books published in complete, unabridged, uniform editions.

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