SLUG MAGAZINE Interviews Lance Olsen

Here’s an excerpt from Christian Schultz’s interview:

Lance Olsen: The essential question for me as a writer is: How does one write the contemporary? That is, how, in 2014, do you write in a way that doesn’t simply rewrite 1914 or 1814 or 1514? In [[ there. ]], my critifictional meditation on the confluence of curiosity, travel and innovative writing practices, I wanted to generate a structure that made the reader feel like, and therefore think about, how we take in information. These days, for most of us, it’s all data flooding in all the time. A continual data hurricane. So [[ there. ]] is comprised of language bursts, narraticules (brief observations, facts, quotations, recollections, theoretical reflections), about stuff as diverse as David Bowie and Samuel Beckett, my years in the Venezuelan jungle (long story) and avant-garde music. You can and should dip into those narraticules in any order. There’s no beginning, middle or end. I was interested, then, in creating something that felt musical in structure—you know, not linear, but a network of recurring themes, phrases, images, sounds, whatever that play off each other and grow, as Donald Barthelme said his stories did, “Like barnacles on a wreck or a rock.”

Read the rest HERE.

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